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Interface Engineer has supported my website for years. The service has been excellent and I constantly get compliments on my interactive web site.
Noah Levine
Interface Engineer has been an irreplaceable component in our company's retail website since 1999. For the initial site development, Steve guided us through not only technical developments, but also offered invaluable advice in design and copy editing. Post site-launch, Interface Engineer has guided the site through countless permutations, additions and deletions - all masterminded flawlessly . Interface Engineer is a much-valued partner in our web business.
Bobby Wise
Steve built me the most perfect website. It's exactly what I asked for.
As someone who is technologically inept, this whole process was very daunting to me, but he made it completely painless.
Jennifer Eckstein
Milo Gallery
After two months of struggling with our previous developer, Steve (Interface Engineer) was able to get our website up and running in two short weeks. I only wish I had found him sooner!
As an east coast company, people are surprised when I recommend a west coast developer. I can't tell you how many times Steve has changes up and running before I can even enter the note in my calendar to do a follow-up. I don't know why, but the time difference always seems to work in my favor!
Steve is one of those wonderfully unscary tech people... the kind who make everything they do seem perfectly unhurried and easily accomplished! Fortunately, we know better... and generally have Steve handle everything!

Our experience with Interface Engineer has been pure pleasure. Steve is creative, quick, and gets things right the first time around. He's able to anticipate your needs and comes back with results that are usually better than you anticipated. All thumbs up!
Gary Carr
Rising Moon Marketing & Public Relations
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We have found working with Interface Engineer to be easy, fun and rewarding. Interface Engineer has consistently exceeded our expectation since we began working with them. Not only do they offer excellent service they do it at an extremely reasonable rate and they are responsive to any questions clients have.
We have recommended them several times to new clients and we will continue to do so. We have total confidence in Steve and Interface Engineer.
Our two websites: and were beautifully executed and they run smoothly. Steve makes the entire process from conception through creation direct, easy and problem free.
Interface Engineer will help you realize your design concept and make creating an ecommerce website a pleasure.
Nicole Kohn
Isabella Cane and Sun Valley Dog

I put Steve through his paces on the construction of this website. I was a completely anal nutball for detail on this, and as an Art Director, I appreciated that he wanted to get it as right as I envisioned. He kept his virtual cool and was prompt and always courteous, even when I deserved some choice words for extending my launch date to pursue some other detail that caught my eye.
George McCalman
Dear web master,
I ordered the vpasp shopping cart and on their web site there is a link to your site.
Your site is awsome!!!
I love it. The interface is great. The navigation and ordering process is easy to follow..
I was wondering if you created the HTML in Dreamweaver?
I am currently creating a new web site for our company and am trying to understand how the vpasp software integrates with the html.
You did this so eloquently that I couldn't tell which was html and which was asp.
I would love it if you would give me some advice or pointers on how you were able to achieve this.
Thank you very much. Also, who do you use to process your credit cards?
I look forward to talking to you.
Mike E.

I've worked in advertisng for over 10 years and have seen a lot of bad, bad sites.
Your's is great.
Christina Peters

Hello - I just love the new website. It is beautiful and really functional.
Great work!! :)
Debra K.
Internet Account Executive

Love your cart!!
We've done VP-ASP carts for a few years, and have a Client who wants one very similar in look and feel to yours - ANY chance you'd put me in touch with your Web designer to ask two simple questions?!
Thanks SO MUCH, and have a GREAT day!!

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